Owner Representation + Project Management

Owner Representation and Project Management consist of the activities required to oversee and implement new construction or significant renovation.  By acting as an “Owner’s Rep,” Cap Ex Management Group advocates on behalf of owners with respect to all third parties who bring a given project to fruition.

Owner Representation

  • Guide owners through a progressively complex myriad of financial, environmental, and market risks that confront the development process today.
  • Act as a project leader and provide an intermediary between owners and external parties.
  • Promote responsible environmental stewardship in the context of fiduciary responsibility.
  • Prepare and manage budgets for various development projects.

Project Management

  • Oversee all aspects of planning, design, and construction.
  • Administer contracts for architectural, engineering, and construction services.
  • Obtain and implement various financing sources including conventional debt, equity, grants, earmark allocations, as well as public funding sources.