Cap Ex Management Group reflects a recent venture between two companies, each of which has operated successfully in the real estate sector for nearly a decade Cap Ex Management and Cap Ex Commercial

at Cap Ex Management Group,  we approach real estate from two completely different backgrounds creating a unique commercial real estate management operation, Cap Ex Commercial is a Maryland real estate licensed agent company focused on helping owners and Tenants with a passion for helping new businesses and commercial real estate owners. and Sobkov, a former mergers and acquisitions banker with a keen eye for financial performance. He created Cap Ex Management Group in 2013.

Cap Ex Management Group together with Cap Ex Commercial represents the ideal balance of commercial real estate buyers and landlords or tenants and fiduciary responsibility that many commercial real estate owners and tenants need.  Cap Ex Management Group is particularly effective for organizations that lack either the time or expertise to manage a progressively complex real estate finance environment.  From brokerage, to, financial operations, to disposition – Cap Ex Management Group can manage all real estate activities from start to finish.

At Cap Ex Management Group, we seek to optimize real estate and financial gain.

“We manage that!”