Asset + Property Management

Property Management consists of the various activities required to run the day-to-day operations for an existing real estate asset.  This includes:

Building Management

  • 24 hour on-call tenant assistance
  • Automated work order request system
  • Engineering staff on site or at property as determined by ownership or per property
  • Skilled lease negotiation on behalf of ownership interest to create value
  • Value-added management including concierge service and optimization of tenant retention

Financial Management and Property Accounting

  • Accounts receivable that is tied to corporate and ¬†lease administration
  • Efficiently managed accounts payable
  • Property banking services with detailed reporting
  • Cash and cash flow management
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual accounting including financial reporting
  • Insurance bidding and tax appeal origination
  • Operating and capital budget preparation

Debt, Equity, Investment

  • Property debt: acquisition or refinance-underwriting, loan packages, loan marketing
  • Equity arrangement and management
  • Investor and debt packages prepared to an institutional standard
  • Related business debt addressed for real estate investors
  • Lease review, Income analysis, Expense management
  • Investors making an initial or supplementary investment in real estate assistance
  • Additional services tailored to customer requirements